PayPall Payment Gateway

PayPal is Australia's favourite way to pay online. PayPal is a faster, easier and safer way to make and accept payments online.

PayPal Payment Gateway Benefits:

  • PayPal has good security measures
  • PayPal is a payment gateway solution with low costs. There is no sign-up fee for a PayPal merchant account and no fee to transfer funds from your bank account to your PayPal account. However, there are monthly fees and fees for every transaction.
  • PayPal allows you to authorize, capture, refund, and void transactions from your PayPal merchant account after an order is placed.
  • PayPal also has fraud management and prevention as well as a protection policy for merchants.
  • PayPal sends out e-mails to confirm every transaction to you and your customers.

PayPal Integrations Available in

Website Payments Standard: Customers shop in your Online Store and go through the checkout process where they can select PayPal as the Payment Method. Once customers complete the order, there will be a large PayPal button for them to click.

Customers will need to click this button to be redirected to PayPal Platform, where they can pay for the order and return to your store when finished.

Express Checkout: Customers shop in your Online Store. When they are ready to checkout there will be a PayPal Express button that will redirect the customer to PayPal Platform. All checkout process will happen on PayPal Platform.

Website Payments Pro: This service allows you to accept credit cards directly on your Online Store and process them through PayPal. PayPal fees apply for Website Payments Pro.

How works PayPal Payment Gateway

Step 1: You will need to create or upgrade to a PayPal Business account to enable this payment gateway. PayPal Business account is free of charge. WOD specialists will assist you in creating your PayPal Business Account.

Step 2: WOD specialists will configure and integrate into your website the PayPal Gateway.

Step3: WOD specialists will make the final verification to ensure that PayPal Gateway is working with your Online Shop.

Buyers who shop on your Online Store can use their PayPal account to make the payment or they can pay by Credit Card using PayPal interface. All payments will be collected into your Business PayPal Account. This Business PayPal Account is linked with your bank account. If you need to have the money into your bank account, you will have to transfer them from PayPal Account to your Bank Account, transfer that will have a certain delay and it is matter of PayPal fees.

Supported Online Stores by WOD:

WOD specialists are integrating PayPal Payment Gateways to Online Stores based on:

  • Zen Cart Shopping Cart Content Management System
  • WordPress Content Management

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